A common thread across the priorities of intellectual property rights protection, cybersecurity and data protection is the pivotal importance of trust – from merchants, consumers, partners and regulators.


Number of Taobao stores closed due to bad merchant behaviour


Number of all proactive takedowns removed before a single sale occurred


Takedown requests were processed within 24 hours

Intellectual Property
Rights Protection

The protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) is core to the operation of a healthy marketplace. We have established industry-leading IPR operation that ensures we are a source of branded, authorized goods, and that strongly deters the sale of illicit or unauthorized goods.

Mars Inc.

We work with our vendors to combat copyright infringement and protect intellectual property wherever possible.

In July 2017, after investigating and collecting evidence in cooperation with Mars Inc. (a global producer of confectionary, pet food, and other food products), Alibaba won a landmark civil lawsuit in China against a seller infringing upon Mars Inc.'s products. A Shanghai court found the vendor guilty and ordered the defendant to pay damages. The case is believed to be the first of its kind in China, where an e-commerce platform has successfully sought compensation from one of its online retailers.

Anti counterfeit


Security and accuracy of all the e-commerce transactions completed on our platforms are mission critical to consumers who spend money and to merchants whose business depend on making sales on our platforms. Because security is mission critical to our customers, we must treat it as our utmost priority.

11.11 Global Shopping Festival

A real testament to our security capability

The 11.11 Shopping Festival marked the biggest online shopping day in the world and was the most important marketing, promotion and sale event of the year for participating merchants.

On that day, our system processed 325,000 orders and 256,000 payment transactions per second at peak successfully resulting in RMB168.2 billion in paid transactions.



We put our users first in all aspects of our business, including data protection. One way we earn and keep users' trust is by clearly explaining to users in plain and simple language how their data is collected and used, as well as how to amend settings or opt out. We also employ rigorous internal control procedures and the use of advanced technology to ensure that data is protected.

Data Sharing Among Affiliates

Alibaba Group and our affiliates, such as Ant Financial Services and our logistics subsidiary Cainiao Network, have a well-established framework in place to share certain types of data in controlled environments in order to improve our service offering to customers. We have implemented strict rules and protocols for data sharing with affiliates, including physical storage, prohibition of data duplication and a data oversight committee.

More information on policies regarding our Data Sharing Agreement with affiliates can be found in our most recent annual report on Form 20-F, page 201.

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