This section is about people – the talented people who work for us, and the people in society whom our platforms serve. When it comes to people, we are driven by our core values and our passion to use our technology to solve society's problems.


Employees (as of June 2018)


Raised by charitable organizations on our platform in fiscal year 2018


Villages served by Rural Taobao Program


Missing children reunited with their parents using our "Reunion System" technology (as of May 2018)


Recognizing that the technology industry in which we operate is a highly competitive market for talent, our ability to recruit, retain, train and reward a talented and diverse workforce is critical to our long-term business success. We believe that people join our company because we offer a clear mission and vision, and the opportunity to solve world-class problems at scale.

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Humility, openness, and equality

Our culture values meritocracy over hierarchy

Our employees are appraised on how well their conduct at work reflects our six core values in addition to business performance, and these value-based ratings will affect employee compensation and promotion decisions.

  • Customer First
  • Teamwork
  • Embrace Change
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Commitment


We built our business model around our mission – to make it easy to do business anywhere. Hence, a focus on issues such as consumer trust, small business enablement, job creation and empowerment of women entrepreneurs naturally follows from our mission. The Alibaba Digital Economy has directly or indirectly created tens of millions of jobs.

"Reunion" System for missing children

The "Reunion" platform has received international attention and supports global efforts on child protection

Using our technological capabilities and our employees' dedication to social issues, our engineers developed a system that connects our and our partners' mobile apps to help locate infants and young children who have been abducted in China. The 'Reunion' system leverages Alibaba-operated apps with hundreds of millions of users to crowd-source information. Since 2016, the platform has helped law enforcement authorities successfully locate 3,328 missing children, reflecting a 97.6% success rate.


Supporting Hong Kong and Taiwan Entrepreneurs

Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund is a not-for-profit initiative with a HK$1 billion fund in Hong Kong and NT$10 billion fund in Taiwan to provide selected entrepreneurs with capital, technology guidance and mentorship in managing their businesses. We facilitate start-ups that receive funding to develop their business by leveraging the Alibaba Digital Economy, including our e-commerce marketplaces as well as cloud computing and logistics systems.

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